Lifted from Comments

Reader Chuck commented in the last post,

“It always seemed environmentally wasteful to have a new version every year with minor differences that tanked the resale value of the previous book. Add the obligatory CD-ROM extras (which I don’t remember ever having to use) that once opened meant no resale would be possible at all and you really feel like you are being taken for a ride.”

The only thing I have to add is that the flip side of this is the counterattack from Apple, which promises to provide textbooks at $15 a pop. I can’t conceive that anyone can make money writing one at that price level, especially if the “book” is to have the software enhancements that everyone craves.

One thought on “Lifted from Comments”

  1. I think the $15 fee is per year. So, it may be comparable to what schools pay now for kids,textbooks.

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