Calculus eBook now available

The electronic version of The Cartoon Guide to Calculus is now available from iTunes. This will be iOS compatible only. At present, Kindle support for graphic books is still too primitive, but HarperCollins has been good enough to make a “fixed-format” edition available for the iPad. I’ve seen it, and it looks just like the paper version, but without paper…


5 thoughts on “Calculus eBook now available”

  1. Please make all of your books available as ebooks. I keep them at home, but would like to keep a copy for work too. They are fantastic, absolutely the best cartoon guide to books available and I have bought and read quite a lot.

  2. Thanks. Good to hear your vote of confidence. We’re working on it. The conversion process is complicated by the fact that the books have been delivered to the publisher in an assortment of formats over the years, starting with pieces of paper, moving through PageMaker 4 through Quark and eventually InDesign.

  3. yay! the book will be in iOS 😀
    i love your cartoon history, but recently it’s sold out in my country, Indonesia. but i won’t worry anymore, it’s digitally distribute !

    thank youu

  4. Another vote here for ebook versions, especially of your histories. I promise I’ll buy them the day they come out. iOS or Kindle is not important; either is fine. Thanks!

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