Calculus Solutions and Errata Are Here!

I’ve uploaded a pdf of Solutions to about half the problems in the Cartoon Guide to Calculus. You can either download it or read it in your browser. You should also look at the Errata sheet, which details a number of errors in the early printings of the book. (These links are also on the Calculus page on this site.) I’ve recently sent the publisher a revised electronic file that fixes all the mistakes (and makes minor changes to the problem sets), and as soon as the the corrected edition is in print, I’ll post an update here.

7 thoughts on “Calculus Solutions and Errata Are Here!”

  1. I believe the correction on the errata sheet for p.198 example 3 is itself incorrect. I believe that u= 1/2(v+3) and also the 1/4 outside the Integral should be distributed over every thing not just the v to the 3/2power.
    Thanks, Bill Rosquist

  2. I think there is an error on pg 108 example 3 (One More Example). Should it be “u(x) = 2x^3 + 3” or am I just really missing how this works? Thanks – Dan

    1. You’re right. Kind of funny that you said it was on p 108, when it’s actually on p 103, since this is exactly the mistake I made!

  3. Larry, one of my students,Diego Asua, caught another tiny glitch in page 219. In the bottom-left integral, the limit when x tends to zero is taken over (-1/t) between 0 and 1, and it should be between x and one in order to be able to proceed with the limit. Does it make sense?
    Thanks in advance for your time and dedication!!

    Jorge Lázaro

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