Cartoon Guide to Calculus: Corrected Edition Is Now in Print!

A corrected edition of The Cartoon Guide to Calculus is now in print and available. This fixes nearly all the typos, missing minus signs, and other goofs in the first edition. The new edition can be identified by an author’s note at the bottom of the the Acknowledgments page. On the copyright page, the corrected edition has a printing number of 4 or higher.

Because a few of the problems have been changed or moved, readers of the corrected editions should refer to this updated pdf of Solutions to Selected Problems in the Corrected Edition rather than the older document, which is still available for folks with the older printing.

5 thoughts on “Cartoon Guide to Calculus: Corrected Edition Is Now in Print!”

  1. Great book–I’m definitely going to recommend it to students. I recently got a 1st edition, and I didn’t see this one in the errata, so I don’t know if it’s updated in the new edition:

    On p. 133, under part 3 where the profit P(160,000) is found, the last term of the function should have a coefficient of 4:
    P(160,000) = (100)(160,000) – 800,000 – (4)(160,000)^(5/4)

    This should give P(160,000) = 2,400,000, not 12 million.

    Thanks again for this book! I am finding some ideas that will definitely help me teach certain concepts of calculus more clearly.


  2. Hi Larry, I´m the guy of the blackbees, remember? I´m using your book in my seminars for the first time here in Bilbao (Industrial Engineering degree). A bit of confusion arised when my students bagan to compare their editions and found the differences in the exercise sections. Now, all it´s fixed, I think, and everybody seems happy enough with his book. This morning I think I got a new minor mistype in page 160, ex.6…where it says a<0<Pi/2 I think you meant to say 0<a<pi/2…Am I right? BTW I have the first edition, maybe you already fixed this one in the new book.

    And, as I suppose this is a work in progress, I think you should consider us, brave "mistake-hunters" as your personal board of reviewing devotees…A short citation in the next edition of your book would give a lot to brag about in foront of our students and fellow teachers, just kidding…but what dou you think? Chears from Bilbao!!!

  3. My 8-year-old son borrowed the Cartoon Guide to Physics from his teacher, and has worn it out! Now he wants the Cartoon Guide to Genetics. 🙂
    On finding mistakes in print… he found a mistake in a book about learning HTML, and he was super excited! He wanted to email the publisher.
    Keep up the good work! Cartoons are awesome, and my daughter attends SCAD and she’d like to major in sequential art. We advised her to think a bit broader.

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