8 thoughts on “Some New eBooks”

  1. Love the fact that your history books now becoming available on kindle ( I have paper copies of all five).

    I would prefer seeing each page as is, is as a flat page of images which I can zoom all at once – zooming each panel is a bit fiddly.

    Still it’s not a deal breaker at all.

    Please tell me the rest of the series is coming to kindle ???

  2. Love your books – I’ve bought and worn out multiple copies of the whole series. I am hoping the other books in the series will be released as Kindle books some day too!

  3. Here`s a vote for the Chemistry one to become available as an ebook!
    Love this series (need to buy more!)

  4. Hi,

    I work as a Data Scientisc trying to explain
    how to use Statistics and Data Mining/Machine Learning techniques to business ( or everyday ) problems. Your “Cartoon guide to Statistics” is a masterpiece and best communication tool I ever had, really. Did You ever consider follow-up about Data Mining/Data Science ? We need “Guide to Data Science/Big Data” as never before ! :o) I would love to help You with a list of books to spur Your interest in a subject :o)

  5. Loved the first two volumes. Please release your third volume and some of your other books as eBooks! I will buy them immediately. I read these using the nook app on iPad.

  6. Keep it coming-I grew up on you works and I love them all…love to see an in depth polital science book. Keep it up Larry-Pure Genius!

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