4 thoughts on “NEW! The Cartoon Guide to Algebra”

  1. Excellent algebra math book for middle/high school!

    Can you create a new one covering middle/high/senior high school geometry and trigonometry with proofing?

  2. I am a retired automatic lathe and drill press operator who used math everyday on the job. Though books like yours I’ve grown to like math and try to improve my math skills. I bought your cartoon guide to Algebra and was doing fairly well until I ran into problem 10 on page 82. It stumped me. I asked Facebook friends for help but didn’t get much. After much thought I found a way to get an answer close to the books but I’m not fully satisfied. I would appreciate it a LOT if you would show me, step by step with liberal explanations, how to do it.
    One word of criticism, I’d like the answers to all the problems in the back of the book.
    Overall though, I do like the book very much.

    1. Let x = the amount they need to steal. Of this, Al takes x/4 and Benny takes 3x/4. At the end, then, Al will have 2738 + x/4 and Benny will have 1000 + 3x/4. We also know that Al will have twice as much as Benny. The equation is:

      2738 + x/4 = 2(1000 + 3x/4) so
      738 = 5x/4

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