Larry Gonick, the Overeducated Cartoonist!


Ever since dropping out of math in 1972, I’ve worked mainly on non-fiction comics about history, science, and other Big Subjects. My crazy hope is that this crazy medium will somehow improve this crazy world. At this point, I’d have to say that the experiment isn’t over. Here’s what I’ve done so far…

CHU-I-frontCartoon History of the Universe

Why begin earlier than the birth of the universe? Includes the evolution of life on earth, the origin of sex… More

Cartoon History II coverCartoon History of the Universe II

The title is a double pun. (Aside from the obvious, it also refers to China’s ancient Spring and Autumn annals.) … More

Cartoon History of the Universe III

Includes pre-Islamic Arabia, the life of Muhammad and spread of Islam, history of Africa before 1100… More

CHMWThe Cartoon History of the Modern World #1

A direct continuation of Cartoon History of the Universe III, this book begins with… let’s see… where were we? … More

CHMW2The Cartoon History of the Modern World #2

I can barely believe it… Cartoon History of the Modern World, Part 2, brings to an end my 30-year, 1450-page world history… More

US-HistoryCartoon History of the United States

Many’s the student who’s aced a U.S. History course using this book. More

ChemistryCover01The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry

Drag a match along a rough surface, and a flame appears. Where did that come from?   More

The Cartoon Guide to Statistics

Statistics is a student’s bete noire. An ordeal. A chore. A requirement. But to us, it’s like magic.  More

PhysicsThe Cartoon Guide to Physics

This book covers the basics of first-year physics, including both mechanics and electricity/ magnetism.  More

GeneticsThe Cartoon Guide to Genetics

It really is easier to learn molecular biology visually. You can see DNA and RNA structure, transcription…  More

EnvironmentThe Cartoon Guide to the Environment

Using the fate of Easter Island as a metaphor for Island Earth, this book covers forests and water…More

 The Cartoon Guide to Calculus

Going back to my roots in the math department, I’ve made a calculus primer.  More

The Cartoon Guide to Algebra

Algebra has become a hot topic in the math-ed community lately.  More

The Cartoon Guide to Biology

This is a comprehensive and humorous cartoon guide to topics in biology.  More

The Cartoon Guide to Geometry

If you want to know why triangles are rigid and how to measure a dinosaur’s height from its shadow, start here! More

The Cartoon Guide to Sex

And you thought sex sells! What that really means is that sexual images sell other stuff.  More

Kokopelli and Company in The Attack of the Smart Pies

The Muses get their very first book! And it’s a novel! With words!  More

Derek_RecursionRaw Materials

Peter is a devious, manipulative, power-mad geek with an Adonis face half-hidden by hair.  More


Feeling alternately mournful and enraged about the shameless expropriation of public space, public enterprise, publicly held goods like the atmosphere, oceans, and rivers…   More


Addressed to the post-Occupy generation and anyone else who will listen. More