The Cartoon Guide to Calculus

The Cartoon Guide to Calculus

Going back to my roots in the math department, I’ve made a calculus primer. This Cartoon Guide covers the basics of first-year single-variable calculus with some novel graphic twists. Topics include functions, both algebraic and transcendental; limits; derivatives; the Chain Rule; implicit differentiation; optimization; the Mean Value Theorem; integrals; The Fundamental Theorem of the Calculus; integration techniques; and applications. The simple, graphic proof of the Chain Rule raises the usual question: “Why don’t they show that in standard textbooks?”

An ebook version—iPad compatible only—may now be ordered from iTunes.

The first three printings contained a number of errors. Thanks to sharp-eyed readers, nearly all these have been fixed in the 4th printing. (You can find the printing # on the copyright page. In addition, the corrected edition has an author’s note under the Acknowledgments.)

Readers of the first three printings should refer to the Errata in Older Editions to identify the mistakes. For help with the problems, refer to Solutions to Selected Problems (both pdfs).

Readers of the updated version should use Solutions to Selected Problems in the Corrected Edition pdf, as some problems were changed from the earlier edition.

HarperCollins, 256 pp.

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